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Clovis Hibbert

Business Owner

Business owner and soccer coach Clovis Hibbert moved to Hollywood, Fla., in 1988 and has been a Floridian ever since. He immigrated from Jamaica, where he was a boy scout and went to military school. His grandfather fought in WWII. He believes in the importance of military service. “I love Florida,” he says. “And this is my way of giving back, because Florida is a great state.”

"This training far exceeded what I thought I was going to do. As a 35 year veteran of law enforcement, this training was far above what even I was previously trained in law enforcement...a great job done by the Florida National Guard Cadre and civilian staff of the FSG. I promote this program to everyone I know. It was a physical, emotional and intense training that all first responders need to complete. I commend the FSG for their vision on the future of emergency response."

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Anayiah Gilbert

Recent High School Graduate

For Anayiah Gilbert, bootcamp was not what she expected. “It’s more fun than I thought it would be. I loved basic training,” she said. “The staff sergeants have been very helpful. They take their time with you. If you don’t understand, you can go to them and ask. They will help you break it down… They are uplifting and encouraging.” She encourages others who are thinking of joining the guard. “You can do it,” she says. “Anyone is capable.”

"I enjoyed my experience at FSG BOOT camp. From the perspective of an older professional, I thought there was a good balance between military discipline and indoctrination into the environment and treating the trainees as experienced adults who were there to volunteer and learn. The National Guard cadre were very knowledgeable and professional. I appreciated the focus on training and skills that everyone will be able to use no matter what MOS they end up in in the future."

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Bill Dearman

Real Estate Developer

In addition to being a builder and real estate developer, Bill Dearman is a professional watercraft racer. Being a pro-athlete, he welcomes the personal training aspect of bootcamp. “I enjoy that. I like getting a good workout in.” He sees fitness as integral to the success of future missions. “We are supposed to be a quantity multiplier for the National Guard in emergency situations,” he explains. “That’s all intensive work under high stress levels.”

"I cannot state enough how impressed I was by the dedication of the Cadre. I have attended several military leadership schools and served as an instructor teaching leadership and command and I humbly say I never saw a team as committed to the success of their trainees as I saw at FSG BOOT."

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